Should you join the Group ?

Attracting talented, high-performing, self-motivated and team-spirited researchers is central to the group's strategy for conducting cutting-edge research and meeting tomorrow's challenges of electromagnetic science and technology. If you feel that you correspond to this description, you may find in our group unique opportunities for your professional development toward a successful career. Please, contact us, and we will consider your application with due attention.

Current Openings (MSc, PhD, PDF)

• Electromagnetic Metamaterials and Metasurfaces

• Electromagnetic Field Theory

• Spacetime-Modulated Metastructures

• Magnetless Nonreciprocal Systems

• Microwave Antennas and Photonic Nanoantennas

• Artificial-Intelligence Materials

• Optical Force Engineering

• Thermal Radiation Control

• Quantum Photonics

• Multi-Physics Systems

• Nano-Electromagnetics

• Real-time Analog Wave Processing

• Terahertz Science and Technology

• Wireless Technology

• Computational Physics

• Biomedical and Neurological Wave Engineering

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Karl Sagan