The META Research Group performs leading-edge research in a variety of areas of microwave, terahertz and optical electromagnetics science and technology. Constantly exploring new horizons, it strives to pioneer some of the innovations that will shape tomorrow's landscape of human knowledge and evolution.

Recent research topics of the META Research Group include:


Metasurfaces may be seen as generalizations of the microwave frequency-selective surfaces or reflective/transmitting arrays and of the optical spatial light modulators. However, with their 36 bianisotropic surface susceptibilitity parameters, they allow for unprecedented and virtually unlimited electromagnetic wave transformations. They are therefore poised to revolutionize millimeter-wave and photonics technology. We are writing the first textbook on this topic.

Leaky-Wave Antennas

Leaky-wave antennas are kind of scanning diffraction gratings excited within their plane, and their operation is similar to Cerenkov radiation. They have a history of over seven decades. However, it is only with the advent of metamaterials that they have been reaching their full potential. We have recently described them in fundamental terms of symmetries and developed related communication, radar, instrumentation and imaging applications.

Spacetime Metamaterials

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Magnetles Nonreciprocity

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Quantum Metamaterials

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Optical Forces Manipulation

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Thermal Radiation Engineering

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